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The Commercial Team

  • Yorick d'Alton


  • Jon Reeves

    Director of Commercial Development

  • Philippe Quan

    Sales Manager China

  • Sophie Larche

    Export Sales Assistant

  • Marie-Hélène Hugon

    Sales Assistant Supermarket Distribution

  • Axel d’Alton

    General Manager

  • Yasming Leboulzec

    Sales Assistant

  • Heidi Marti-On

    Export Assistant



  • Audrey Buchillet

    Executive Assistant


    The Bordeaux winemaking region currently comprises around 6150 professional vineyards which cover 115 000 hectares of vines in around 60 appellations. The wines made by the Classified Growths make up about 2% of this in total.
    Apart from some hand picked Classified Growths, Borderac Crus & Vins invites its clientele to discover some of the top quality hidden gems among the remaining 98%. These confidential wines are made by passionate professionals with an eye for detail and a clear philosophy to produce the best wine possible every year with the utmost respect for the environment.
    Our aim is to introduce our partners to the very soul of winemakers for Bordeaux and Internationally.

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    Founded in 1997, Borderac Crus & Vins, a negociant house in Bordeaux is the product of a 150 years heritage. The adventure began in 1847 when Polish agronomist Pierre Skawinski took over the management of Chateau Giscours and settled in the Médoc. He became the first in a long line of Skawinski descendents who became rigorous and inventive vineyard estate managers. Pierre’s son Théophile became estate manager at Chateau Léoville Las Cases at the end of the 19th Century and he ended up purchasing the property. He was succeded by André Delon, his son in law, followed by Paul, his grandson and Michel Delon through 4 generations in the 20th Century, keeping the property 100% family owned.

    Finally, in 1997, Yorick d’Alton, son in law of Michel Delon, and subsequently Axel d’Alton, Delon’s grandson created Borderac Crus & Vins, a Bordeaux negociant house to continue and perpetuate the family tradition. BCV is thus a transfer through generations of profound expertise in Bordeaux and its vineyards – and today is synonymous with quality and above all a profound passion for wine. We are ambassadors for our winemaking partners and our objective is to share our history and our experience with our clientele.

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  • Activity

    Our business is divided into 3 roughly equal parts.
    1/3 of our turnover is in France thanks to the development of the supermarket sector since 2006. Our wines can be tasted next to some of the most famous chateaux of the region during the invitation only “Foire aux Vins” tastings. Our French sales team is entirely dedicated to satisfying this precise and demanding sector.

    A further 1/3 of our business happens in mainland China where we have a local sales team and a logistics platform offering just in time stock to importers all over China as well as a local support for sales through the supply chain. We have expert sales people based in Shanghai, Beijing, Canton and Chengdu.

    The final third is export throughout the world where we propose over 500 labels and sell to over 30 countries. We ship over 1 million bottles annually throughout the world to over 1000 clients worldwide.

  • Logistics

    We have 2 storage facilities in order to best supply our diverse clientèle.

    Bordeaux Blanquefort :

    In 2017 Borderac began a new partnership with Dartess, a subsidiary of the TESSON Group, and a major player in France in logistics and handling of wines and spirits. They will add a new dimension to the efficiency of our stock management and nationwide distribution.

    Shanghai :

    BCV holds a significant quantity of stock in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and has chosen Hillebrand as our expert local partner. Through this we are able to offer a tailor made just in time service to our clients in China and the South East Asia zone.

  • Competencies & Expertise

    We pride ourselves on our privileged relationships with our winemaking partners. We are in constant touch with them throughout the growing season and in the winery in order to develop our own competencies and to transmit and communicate as much accurate information to our prestigious clientele.

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  • Exclusive Petits Chateaux

    Borderac Crus & Vins offers their clients a complete range of excellent value wines, for the most part from the diverse Bordeaux appellations – but also from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. We select serious winemakers who care deeply about their terroir, procedures, environment and the quality of their wines. We secure exclusive volumes of these wines and offer them year on year with stable prices and the option of older vintages which we have aged perfectly in our climate controlled cellars.

  • The Exclusive Essential Estates

    This offer concerns hand selected tiny production niche wines made by talented winemakers who we follow year on year, purchasing as futures in order to give our partners the finance needed to make us the best wine they can. These wines are a blend of quality of terroir which mirrors that of the Classified Growths, confirmed technical competencies in winemaking material, philosophy and support from legendary consultant winemakers, limited production and unbeatable value for money.

  • International Wines

    Our hunger to improve our competencies and discover fabulous wines internationally has inspired us to construct an extension of our selection from Bordeaux Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. We now offer wines from Spain and Italy which adhere to our buying philosophy of the Exclusive Essential Estates.

    Classified Growths

    We offer our clientele an extensive range of Bordeaux Classified Growths which we have at our disposal through future purchases and relationships in international trading markets.



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33000 Bordeaux
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